Matteo Bertolino is a senior consultant with a solid background in development cooperation and communication. Matteo has in recent years focused his work on research and evaluation, working especially on development cooperation projects, using communication in this context.

Matteo holds a university degree in political sciences (University of Turin) and a master degree (MA) in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS – The Hague). In addition to his native Italian, Matteo is fulent in both Spanish and English while proficient in French.  He worked across 4 continents for over a decade as a cooperation technician at various levels: UN, NGOs, bilateral cooperation, and, lately, as an independent consultant for public and private entities. Matteo is trained in qualitative research methods, and has undertaken focus-groups, surveys, and in-depth-interviews. Matteo is also a free-lance professional photographer since 2010, with a focus on social issues and on documentary photography, building stories towards effective and innovative communication strategies.  

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* Santiago de Compostela — España